T minus 4 hours and counting

May 13, 2010

It’s difficult to know how to say goodbye to those you probably will not see again. I ran up against this yesterday, bidding farewell to our translators. Out of their humble wages, they had bought me cards and jewelry and artwork, all tokens by which to remember our time together. We hugged and laughed, and then it became just a bit awkward. For a moment I thought about leaving them with a phrase from our friend Jane, sung in a British accent as she whisked out the door last week: “If I can’t find you on facebook, I’ll find you in heaven!” Fortunately, Pierre piped in before I could, and he left us with words most fitting: “Only mountains never meet.”

Amen to that. Farewell, Togo, and thank you.


2 Responses to “T minus 4 hours and counting”

  1. Shanthi jayakumar said

    Count-down has started and I for one am very excited to see you back in Rollingwood soon…
    Bon voyage.

  2. Whistler said

    the blessing of knowing many people, comes with the via crucis of many goodbyes

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