A belated introduction

April 25, 2010

Welcome to the Eye Field Team! We’ve undergone many iterations over the past few months, but here’s the (almost) current version:

Bottom row, left to right: Isaac, Queen, Edith, Nutifafa, Komla, Pierre. Top row: Alana, Tchecre, Joel, Jean Claude, Lauren

Our eight translators hail from different parts of Togo, and Pierre comes from Benin. Three are pastors (Jean Claude, Pierre, Komla), one is in school for marketing (Nutifafa), another dreams of being a farmer (Tchecre), and one is just 18 years old (Edith). Together they are the backbone of the clinics.

The two crew members in the field are Joel and me. Joel is a 24-year old Irish optometrist. He drove from Ireland to Togo in a VW bus. Yes, you read that correctly!

Lauren, our medical reviewer/scheduler and a dear friend, went home to Florida yesterday to begin her Master’s in PA (Physician Assistant) studies. She is missed already.

Stay tuned for more tales from the field.


3 Responses to “A belated introduction”

  1. Shanthi Jayakumar said

    When do you get back to Austin? have a safe trip back and enjoy the rest of your stay. Goodbye’s are very hard.

  2. Leah said

    Tuned in, as always, and thinking of you!

    For some reason, I was unaware that it is possible to drive from Ireland to Togo. But this is a fantastic excuse to go look at a map. Maps! Yay! And props to VW busses. For all I know right now, maybe he flew it and he’s just keeping it a secret.

  3. paul rutherford said

    cool pic. Thanks for the intro, alana. Sounds like you are blessed to work with some very interesting people. Those who drive vw’s from Ireland to Togo, for example.

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