A Jungle Escape

March 27, 2010

A weekend away in Kpalime to hike Togo’s tallest mountain (hill). Mount Agou is dotted with villages, and their children enjoyed skipping alongside us, eating our snacks and marvelling at the balloons we inflated for gifts. During the descent, gray clouds rolled through, and the skies opened up in a fantastic inauguration of the rainy reason.


8 Responses to “A Jungle Escape”

  1. Emily said


    • Whistler said

      I’m thankful for:
      +Alana being alive 🙂 welcome back Togo blogger of Mercy (ships!)
      +Jungle Escapes
      +Ya’ll beating the rainy season, but enjoying the accompaniment of rains’ descent on your journey down the mountain(s)
      +The universal joy & marvel of children for the simple things.

  2. Whistler said

    I meant to leave a comment, not a reply!

    btw Alana, that was a fast response to ‘hey! you need to blog little lady!’ 🙂

  3. Jon said

    I will always be jealous of your photos.

  4. Mariangela said

    Did you see any snakes?!

  5. Shanthi Jayakumar said

    When I saw the title I was almost afraid that you had to literally “escape” from some horrible adventure!!! I know that you are safe and enjoying your experiences. More power to you!

  6. Kelsey said

    Your talent for capturing beauty in both words and photos is incredible. Many days I just sit in awe of the scenery of Togo, the smiles of her people, and the compassion you have for them. I am simply enthralled by your adventures!! Your blog, Alana bear, is a bright spot in my day; so much so that I made it my homepage. :o) Miss you, babe.

  7. Kelsey said

    I don’t know what happened with the smiley face in my previous post. It was supposed to be a happy one, but instead it just looks shocked. Even the simplest technology continues eludes me. To be truthful, I’m still convinced this internet thing is a fad. But until it goes out of style, a la slap bracelets, I will endeavor to master the emoticon. 🙂 There.

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