A whopper of a prayer request

February 21, 2010

As I recently told a friend through email, it is in situations such as this, when the task looks large and I feel small, that I truly appreciate intercessory prayer. So, thank you for praying!

Tomorrow we will hold our first eye clinic. The patients will be many, and the Mercy Ships staff will be few. We have picked over the procedure in theory, but I can’t imagine what the day holds! Please pray…

…that those whom we can help will be brought to us

…for peaceful crowds

…for coherence within our team

…for endurance through the heat

…that we will communicate with one another in love and patience

…and for safety.

Thank you


6 Responses to “A whopper of a prayer request”

  1. Andrew Harrison said

    You got it, Alana! We all have the utmost confidence in you.

  2. Jon said

    Thinking of you and your multitudes, always.

  3. Mariangela said

    YES OF COURSE!!!!!

  4. Dan said

    Alana, You and the entire team are in my prayers every morning at Mass. Thank you for all you are doing to help the people of Togo.

  5. Tatum said

    How did it go????

  6. Andrew Harrison said

    Also — I thought of you on Sunday. It was incredibly warm so I took a long run around Town Lake (like most of Austin twentysomethings that day, it seems). As I was finishing up with lunges across the bridge, a young girl biked past me, turned her head back over her shoulder, smiled at me and whispered “Good job!” It was very sweet and I wish you had been there to see it happen.

    Hope your first week has been a success! I’m not sure if you can hear it across the Atlantic Ocean, but I’m whispering “Good job!” to you!

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