February 11, 2010

After ten days of aquatic pilgrimage, we have arrived in Togo! How I wish that each of you could have joined me on the deck as the expansive ocean gave way to a thin strip of land in the distance, and slowly to a clearer and clearer scene of arms reaching above heads and feet jumping off the ground, the most wonderful celebration! Photos will communicate the joy much better than can my limited selection of adjectives. Fill in the missing senses with exhuberant music, uninhibited dancing, and gratitude on both ends. What an experience: to rejoice at seeing strangers, and to know that they rejoice, too!

Pairs of dolphins ushering us into the harbor

Theo with his handmade Togo flag, ready to greet our celebrants on shore

The port's pilot successfully boards the Africa Mercy to guide us in


2 Responses to “Glorious”

  1. Miles said

    Cool! I’m glad you arrived to a joyous reception.

  2. Jon said

    Glorious, indeed.

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