Yo ho, Yo ho, a-pirating we go!

February 8, 2010

Every evening is spent watching the sunset from the bow, and every evening the temperature is a few degrees higher than it was the day before. We’ve made the final turn towards Togo. Even the whales can tell we are close to the equator: Instead of boasting with huge jumps and flirty tail pats, all they do here is sleep! We plaster ourselves to the ship’s windows, only to see a fin floating up and down with the waves.

But it’s not just the temperature that makes this part of the coast different. Long past the safe waters of the Canaries, the M/V Africa Mercy has now entered an area where no passing ship can be trusted! Ok, so that’s an exaggeration, but we still get to do *Pirate Watch*! All night every night, from now until we reach Togo, volunteers man the top deck and scan the waters for people in canoes or small rowboats. East African pirates are fairly sophisticated, employing a “mothership” that sends out multiple rowboats when they spot a target. Fortunately for us, West African pirates are still novices, and incidents of piracy in these waters are almost nonexistant. Laura and I assumed watch last night from 1900-2100 hours, outfitted with night vision binoculars and radios to communicate with the bridge. I COULD tell you that we only spotted one (friendly) vessel, but that wouldn’t be too interesting. When I am old and gray, expect to hear a story involving swords and planks and other things that make grandchildren’s eyes go wide.


3 Responses to “Yo ho, Yo ho, a-pirating we go!”

  1. Jon said

    As long as you manage to work in the words “Avast!” and “swashbuckling,” your secret’s safe with me.

  2. Jennifer said


    I am enjoying your blog. We are missing you, but know you are on a spectacular adventure. Thanks for keeping the mainland informed!


  3. Jon said

    It’s been dayyyyyyyssss since a post. I guess someone is pretty busy.

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